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Opera v9.50 Build 9594最新测试下载_新闻资讯_中关村在线种植

发布时间:2020-04-19 16:00:16 阅读: 来源:pap铝塑片厂家

Opera v9.50 Build 9594最新测试下载_新闻资讯_中关村在线

Opera为来自挪威的一个极为出色的浏览器,具有速度快、节省系统资源、订制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,目前已经是最受欢迎的浏览器之一。多文件接口(MDI)、方便的缩放功能、整合搜索引擎、键盘截径与鼠标浏览功能、当机时下次可以从上次浏览进度开始、防止pop-up、 Fullscreen、对HTML标准的支持、整合电子邮件与新闻群组以及让使用者自订接口按钮、skin、工具列等的排列方式,都是Opera多年来备 受喜爱的特殊功能。

Opera for your computer

对于对互联网技术有进一步研究的用户,Opera也是一个不可多得的好工具,包括HTML的标准验证、支持WML(WAP)、可以创建关连窗口、显示窗口尺寸等功能,对于设计网页的工作者助益很大。而Opera精心为视障用户设计的一系列功能,也是一个特点。另外值得一提的是,Opera除了在Windows外,也支持Linux、Mac等桌面操作系统,值得拭目以待。另外在欧美推出的Nokia 9210i当中,也内建的Opera在Symbian操作系统的浏览器,足见Opera在浏览器技术的实力。

Known issues: [BUG 264975] Fixed display of smileys in mail and chat (almost fixed) [BUG 290358] Bookmarks cannot be selected from the Bookmarks menu [BUG 290355] Opera crashes when clicking bookmarks in Personal bar If you used the Brushed Metal skin in the previous release, Opera for OS X will crash on startup This build fails the Acid2 test [BUG 284849] Yahoo! Mail beta, Flickr maps, Google reader may crash Opera Won't run correctly on Windows 95 or 98 OS X version may cause persistent freezes on start-up POP server cleaning has been disabled: When disabling the "Leave messages on server" option, existing messages on the server are not removed [BUG 287170] On OS X, UI thumbnails have black backgrounds when using native skins [BUG 184894] Native OS X UI elements cannot be used in skins [BUG 280536] Opera on OS X will sometimes freeze when exiting Preferences [BUG 286384] Yahoo mail is broken [BUG 280261] Removing messages from filters does not work [BUG 213115] Queued mail is sent at the next check, instead of waiting for manual actionChangelog: [BUG 285741] Opera doesn't freeze anymore when opening the feeds menu [BUG 271585] The last directory used is now remembered in the Save As and Open dialogs Fixed an issue where pages could cause scripts to run in opera:historysearch. Thanks to David Bloom for reporting the issue Fixed display of inline elements within justified text Element borders are no longer offset from the area filled with background color No more crashing on contenteditable in XML Text-shadow with 1px blur radius now actually shows some blurring Widgets whose files are in a subdirectory of the zip archive are supported again The list of chat rooms now shows the correct number of users in each room No more repaint artefacts with the dropdown menu on getAttribute will return the uPDAted value after modifying the element's style properties Two attributes with the same local name and namespace on the same XML element are now a fatal parsing error, as per XML spec Opera no longer spends a lot of time on startup trying to read every file in the cache Pending IMAP and POP commands are now preserved and optionally executed on the next startup Getters and setters are now exposed for properties of native JS objects Fixed fetching of POP mail after purging the trash The outline doesn't follow the “silhouette” of children elements clipped using overflow:hidden anymore Legend is not anymore pushed into the fieldset by a comment before it Entities sent to plugins are now properly decoded, fixes slideshow on setTimeout() is no longer confused when an object is passed instead of a numeric delay value Mail passwords are no longer lost when clearing wand passwords No more crashing when installing widgets The client certificate selection dialog now shows the originating server name Messages wouldn't have attachment icons and wouldn't show in the Attachment views; fixed now Styling of opera:historysearch is now consistent with other internal Opera pages such as opera:about Bodies of auto-saved drafts wouldn't display; fixed now Downloads won't overwrite existing files without warning anymore Fixed an issue with propagation of bottom margins that affected Multiple optimizations in the internal search engine used for searching in visited pages and mail Dozens of other fixes in the rendering engine Fixed some more crashers and memory leaks…